My Books

Some of you may not know, but I am also a novel writer.  Here are my books.  Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and historical fiction. Go take a look!  Only $.99!  You can also find them at the Barnes and Nobles web site and

Shattered Lands

A fantasy book that's like "War and Peace" but with monsters.

Behind the Shroud

A cool ghost book!


A fantasy book about a young Gorgon caught up in a war she doesn't want to fight.

Broken World

A sci-fi book about refugees fighting back against a cruel universe...with a Native American flavor!

Witch Queen

A retro, sci-fi/fantasy/Rober E. Howard homage. Witches, queens, space ships and power armor.

Edge of the Empire

A historical epic feature kick-but chicks in chain mail


2 comments on “My Books

  1. Marley J. says:

    Just a heads-up the book links don’t appear to be working.

  2. […] posts are a bit more cathartic than anything else. A good friend of mine passed away. He was a writer, a historian, an artist, and a huge influence on me. More than anything, he inspired and encouraged […]

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