Joan D’Arc

Joan D’Arc II

The Historical Arthur

Empress Theodora

Alexander Nevsky

Vikings in Unusual Places

The Iroquois Confederacy

The Roman Legion

Anna Komnene

Ana Komnene II

French Military Victories

Email from a reader

Battle of Sekigahara

Two Tough Chicks

Occupy Rome!

The Silk Road: The Wild East

C-List Kingdoms

Interview with Matilda of Tuscany

Hussites: Religious rebels with guns

Pulaski: Unknown hero of the Revolution

Caterina Sforza

Charles Martel

Adrionople: The Decline of Rome

Venice: The Early Years

Vampires don’t sparkle

Venetian history II

My history with History

Empire Fail: Why did Rome fall?

Matilda of England

Byzantine Cavalry

Hua Mulan

Winston Churchill

Greatest Evil Conqueror contest!

My Books

Was Custer an idiot or a genius?

Posters 1

Posters 2


The Great Ridiculous War (WWI)

Tomoe Gozen

Joan of Arc’s lesson on Medieval weapons

Why England won the Battle of Trafalgar

The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Who are the Byzantines?

Happy Leap Year Day!

Olga of Kiev

Conquistadors got the longest killing streak and mad perks

Bayeux Tapestry: Sticking it to the Man since 1066.

Abu Ghraib Attack


Galla Placidia

Rani Lakshmibai

Russian Snipers of WWII

Battle of Chalons

Venetian History III

Olga’s Soviet Propaganda

D-Day Anniversary


Evolution of Armor

Alexios I Komemnos (Or, perseverance can trump talent or skill.)

Happy 4th of July!

Teutonic Knights (Or, Germans make bad neighbors.) 

Logistics! The secret to winning wars! (It’s cool, trust me.)

The Vicious Victorians

Stupidest War Contest

Could the Germans have won the Battle of Kursk?

History Funnies for Monday

Some Virginian History

Virginian History Part II

History of Monster Hunting

Tamar of Georgia

King Pyrrhus invades Italy. Don’t mess with Rome.

Women Samurai

Salem Witch Trials

Russian Armies of the Renaissance

Gaspar’s History of Thanksgiving

Siege of Malta: Part I

Siege of Malta: Part II

Siege of Malta: Part III

Elizabeth Van Lew: Union Spy

Rome and Asymmetrical Warfare

The Battle of Lepanto

Rebirth of Byzantium: The Dark Emperor Rises

History is my Ally

Imperial Tragedy: a sad tale from the last years of Byzantium

Han Dynasty

Khazaria: a Medieval Jewish Kingdom

Vichy France

Joan D’Arc’s victory at Orleans

India: a Brief Overview

Jane Austen

Jackie Robinson


Battle of Jutland

Catherine the Great

Princess Theophanu

History for the Fantasy and Sci-Fi writer

Pine Leaf Woman

Isabella of France

The Battle of Salamis

Larry Correia (the True History)

The History of Godzilla

The Gothic War

Powerful Muslim Woman Pirate Queen

Lady Fu Hao


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  1. Glenda says:

    If you don’t read this stuff, you have no soul. No curiousity about life, history, mankind, the world.

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