The Minimum Wage Historian has passed on into History.

12471625_10153777297041181_378341096629698476_oZachary Hill passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the morning of January 15th, 2016. He leaves behind his sweet young bride of almost a year, Mackenzie Hadlow Hill.
Zack is a gentle soul with big heart. He was an Artist, a Historian, a Teacher, a two tour Combat Veteran, and a prolific Writer. He was a true Warrior Poet that always sought peace. He loved to play games and spending time with his family and friends.
Zack was also a Traveler. He adventured in other countries. He served his two year mission for his Church in Mexico and he taught English in Japan, and spent time in Italy. He served his Country in the darkest places in Iraq. Now he’s gone to the Undiscovered Country. While he’s away from us for the time being, we know we will see him again.
We believe that he too is grieving for having to leave behind his friends, his family and his new bride. He would not have wanted to leave her now. But he was called back to his celestial home far too early. Our Father in Heaven has a plan for Zack, as he does for all of us. Things happen for a reason and it’s our struggle to make sense of it in this mortal world… through our limited and narrow optics that are full of confusion, distraction, and pain. We take comfort that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can be together forever.
Instead of flowers, please go to and buy Zachary Hill’s books and cherish his legacy. Through his writing, Zack will always be remembered.
Donations to help support his bride can be made here.

While Zack is gone… His legacy will continue.  As will Minimum Wage Historian, though differently.  His brothers, Josh and myself, George, will continue this site, but we do not have Zack’s unique style.  We will strive to cover the topics that he would have liked.