Zach’s new book

Anna – Oh, Zach insisted that I mention that his new book, “Sins of Prometheus” is out now and that you should purchase it at your leisure. It’s a ….hold on, I wrote it down here…oh, its a “post-apocalyptic” story.  I’m not entirely sure what that is, but he says that its exciting. A young woman travels across a desolate America to find her brother and faces other survivors of the plague. Some are friendly and others are decidedly not.

You can buy it here. Sins of Prometheus.

Olga - By Zachski's book or I burn you house down.

Olga – By Zachski’s book or I burn you house down.

3 comments on “Zach’s new book

  1. Glenda Woodson says:

    This is a great story! I enjoyed it very much. It made me do a lot of thinking. Plus it was a fun read. I recommend it highly. All of Zach books are thought provoking. He is an amazing writer.

  2. Travis says:

    I am in the process of reading your book… Great story so far! I was really surprised to find it on Kindle.

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