Olga’s soviet propaganda

It is I! St. Olga of Kiev, your lovely and very nice to talk to host for today, yes?

Welcome little peoples! This is Olga! Zach not here right now so I on computer. I know, he say something about pirates, but he not here. I am. I guessed password. Easy thing this. Today we be looking at Soviet propaganda from Mother Russia! I no Communist, they don’t like the God or Church, no? But they still Russian! And propaganda makes Olga laugh.
Laugh, yes. Good laugh. But propaganda is important to history! Everyone does it! Egyptian art, Propaganda for Tzar…er..Pharaohs.

See? Ancient art, little more than political propaganda. Yes, yes, we worship you mighty Pharaoh….NOT!!

Romans very good at propaganda. Lets looky!

Great art, but symbol of mighty state.

I know what you say, “but Olga, what about the Renaissance master art things?” I say, ha! Look here!

The mighty “David” by Michelangelo. One of greatest arts ever, yes? But…propaganda! David was symbol of Florence. Little city state Florence felt picked on by bigger countries like Holy Roman Empire and France. They small David fighting giants!

Okay, okay, on to Russian propaganda! Yes!

No, no, no evil capitalist pig. Laugh out louds, yes?

This asks “you volunteered?”

This is Motherland asking for you to fight Facists. Fighting Facists always good thing. Fight TSA…oh, I repeat myself.

I like this one. Says in Soviet Union, many new schools. But in USA they close schools all the time. So sad. That is what Olga looked like as little girl.

Oh! Russian killing Nazi! We love killing Nazis! Who doesn’t?

Oooh! Russians in space! You must admit, Russia very stylish, yes?

Very simple, stark and graphic. Now, where have I see something like this lately? Olga wonders….

In similar style, yes? Why use this? Because simple catches eye. Effective. Please, this no comment on politics, only style of graphic art. Olga no wants to argue politics. Because then Olga have to burn down you house. Cover of Twilight? Black with red apple, yes? Simple. Effective. Russia propaganda style, still alive in modern world. Because it works and is snazzy.

Here’s one from Olga’s personal collection…wait. This not it. This was house I burned last thursday. Olga got wrong file from camera. Very sad. Still, house went up like torch! Very fun for Olga.

So, this was Olga’s introduction to Russian propaganda! I love stuff. Very …how you American’s say? Groovy, yes. Must go. Hear Zach pounding at door. Wants in. Angry with Olga.


4 comments on “Olga’s soviet propaganda

  1. Desert Rat says:

    Lol. Good stuff.

    Amazing to see how propoganda doesn’t really change. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I suppose.

  2. Joe in PNG says:

    I’m probably not wrong to say that, to the Russians, the only thing better than killing a Nazi is to get a freak scary large amount of artillery, katyushas, T-34s, and Sturmovicks to blast them to itty bitty bits first.

    And I’m sure Olga approves.

  3. zacharyhill says:

    Yes, Olga loves Katyushas. She wants one for her birthday. You can’t go wrong with a truck carrying a ton of rockets.

  4. Makes me think about one of my favorite authors Ayn Rand and how through her books she tried to warn the US about the evils of propaganda. But of course we didn’t listen and we are neck high in it right now via politics and big business.

    Oh also someone hacked your “Broken World” blog and posted something about recommending a certified online pharmacy specializing in viagra pills from

    Yeah I think someone is trying to hijack your site to sell love pills….

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