Happy Krampus Time!

In honor of the Christmas season, I present a Christmas tradition that has been all but forgotten. What I am talking about is Krampus! Krampus is Santa’s bad cop in their good cop/bad cop buddy team. While Santa’s driving, Krampus is shooting out the window and sliding over car hoods. Santa, as we all know, treats the good kids, but the bad kids were visited by a horrible, demonic creature named Krampus!

You don't want to be on the bad list!

The origins of Krampus date back to Pagan Germany so technically, he’s older than Christmas. Well, Krampus would show up and if you’re lucky, he’ll leave you some coal. If you’re really bad, he’ll beat you with a stick. If you’re REALLY REALLY bad, he’ll put you in a sack and toss you in the river. Maybe today’s kids could use a Krampus.

Krampus should visit Washington DC. He'd find lots of people to toss into the Potomic.

Austria, in the early 1900’s, tried to discourage and outlaw the celebrations of Krampus. But, there’s good news for us Krampus fans! He’s staging a comeback. People will dress up as Krampus and scare the children. Now that is a great Christmas tradition that I could get behind. So, be good for goodness sake, for Krampus is coming to town!

Krampus has a video!

Now he's got paparazi chasing after him. This photo was taken outside of Lindsey Lohan's house. They stopped him before he could put her in a sack.


3 comments on “Happy Krampus Time!

  1. Glenda says:

    Now that was just plain cool! Yeah, I think we need a Krampus come back. That was so timely! Loved it! Teach us more!

  2. As an Austrian, I must say this is creepy but interesting! Nice graphics…

  3. misterguymon says:

    id rather have him come down my chimmney so that he can snatch up my siblings

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