Welcome to my history blog!

This blog is a way for me to talk about something I truly love. (Besides pizza and Mountain Dew) History. This is for entertainment and is not a scholarly site. Most people that don’t study history are put off because they think its dry, boring and dusty. I love history because its exciting, passionate and dynamic. It’s full of stories almost too unreal to be real. It is these stories that I wish to talk about. I hope to bring you to the dusty, unseen corners of history that don’t make it on the History channel between Hitler shows, UFO shows, Nostrodomus shows or Hitler, UFO, Nostrodomus shows.  So, stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.

So, why “The Minimum wage historian?”  Because I am no professor.  I am not rich.  I’m just a poor working class schlub that loves history.


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